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ALAN LEVIN Alan's experience and passion has led him to his philosophy of "making a difference in closing the deal". Alan has been involved in the motor industry for over 27 years, having qualified as an A-class Motor Mechanic with Mercedes Benz SA, as well as obtaining an N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5 in Mechanical Engineering. In addition, he has developed his own unique computer software which assists in the smooth and efficient running of scrapyards. To date, a total of 29 motor scrapyards, throughout South Africa have invested in the Acc7 Software.The Ace Auto Group comprises of the following branches: Ace Auto Scrapyard Springs, Ace Auto Bakkies, Ace Auto Kew, Ace Auto Wynberg and Ace Auto Salvage where +/- 80 staff members are employed. Alan is the founding member of the Ace Auto Group, established in 1988, which specialises in the sale of new and used vehicle parts and accident damaged vehicle sales. Website:
CLIVE WESSON Clive Wesson holds over 38 years' experience in the motor industry. He worked his way up the ladder in the dealership environment from Motor Technician to Dealer Principal of a Volkswagen dealership where he was instrumental in converting the dealership from a "B' status to "A" status in a short space of time, achieving and exceeding national records in sales, customer satisfaction ratings and Dealership Management, winning numerous awards along the way. Clive spent three years working as a Regional Manager for Volkswagen South Africa, gaining valuable wholesale experience. He has also completed a vast number of motor industry specific sales, after sales, business management and regulatory courses. In 2000, Clive established Auto Deal, a pre-owned motor dealership which is to this day, successfully owned and managed by Clive. He thrives on finding solutions to the challenging nature of the motor industry and specifically to problems which an independent pre-owned motor dealer faces in an ever-changing business environment, especially with all the new legislation that a dealer is required to comply with. Clive is an avid motor sport fan, having competed on a national level himself. Clive won the inaugural Group N Class C championship in 1985 and has since been involved in preparing many a championship-winning car for various competitors, including his son Kurt Wesson. Website:
Danie Du Toit Daniels' expertise lie in custom-written, innovative solutions to difficult software-related problems. Daniel specialises in developing turnkey business solutions by identifying the business requirements and transforming them into tangible software infrastructure solutions. He is passionate about solving problems that others claim to be "impossible". Daniel has extensive training in the IT industry including hardware, network and server-related infrastructures. Having completed a vast range of Microsoft certificate courses, from software development fundamentals to advanced software development including Microsoft Office Instructors training. Daniel's career history extends from Business Development Officer at WesBank (BDO), the Investment Advisor at the Natal Building Society (NBS) and the Regional IT Manager at Eskom (Transmission). Daniel is a licenced Ultra-light aviator and avid rotor craft enthusiast. Daniel also founded his own software company, Softoit Computing in February 1993. Website:
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